Some time ago I was struck by the fact that a colleague, who had recently moved country for work, was unable to obtain a personal loan. My colleague is an intelligent professional, well qualified, in a secure job and had, previously, been well served by the financial sector.
The issue? He had left his credit history behind and lenders had no way of assessing his financial conscientiousness without knowledge of his previous payment history.
It made me wonder how many people are affected by the traditional scoring system’s reliance on previous credit history.
I went on to learn that there are 3 billion consumers worldwide who do not have access to the financial services they need. This means that lenders miss out on $2 trillion of revenue.
Armed with this information I began my journey to democratize lending and change lenders paradigms, to find a way to enable lenders to look beyond numbers and history, to effectively evaluate their customers.
Working with the ConfirmU team is inspirational, as a group we truly believe that the individual should be valued for and able to achieve their life goals and objectives through financial inclusion.
Our solutions do not rely on credit history so we are able to provide a consumer risk assessment regardless of age, location or history.
Thanks for taking time to visit our site and I hope that we can engage further in our mission to democratize lending.
Yatir Zaluski
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Our team

Yatir Zaluski
Co-founder & CEO

Enterprise software veteran
Fintech entrepreneur
Digitisation leader

Certified accountant

Raju Chithambaram
Co-founder & CTO

Technology architect, advisor
Inventor, serial entrepreneur

MIT visiting scholar
MS University of Maine

Namrata Jain
Lead Psychologist & Game Designer

Internationally recognised psychologist and mental health practitioner
TEDx speaker

MA. Applied psychology
University of Mumbai

Brendan Le Grange
Chief Solution Architect

Passionate for credit risk modeling and owner of Lending to strangers podcast series

Vishwas Mysore
Business Head

Business Acumen with proven track records of 17 years in fintech growth business

What our clients say

Bridge2Capital has been working with ConfirmU for some time, testing their psychometric credit score as an affirmation tool of a potential customer's willingness to repay. We have found that the test sample of customers who have been on boarded using the psychometric test haven't defaulted during the Covid period. This has reaffirmed our belief in ConfirmU. We are making their service an integral part of our under-
writing process.
We think that this approach could help enhance financial inclusion in emerging markets
Global credit bureau Experian is pleased to announce its partnership with ConfirmU.
The partnership, focusing initially on India, will investigate the impact of psychometric traits in credit risk assessment.
Data generated through a short game which is embedded into the credit risk process enables a unique approach to credit risk scoring that will evolve and benefit an increasing number of credit worthy applicants who have previously been excluded from the financial services they need due to a lack of credit history.
This is an exciting partnership between experts in traditional credit scoring and an innovative start up designed to increase financial inclusion globally.
MyFugo, Kenya,  is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with ConfirmU
Allan Tollo, CEO, says "the more we know about our customers and applicants the better placed we are to deliver value and a customised experience.
MyFugo seeks to empower the vulnerable among the community and this partnership will help us to develop a unique approach to credit risk scoring that will benefit an increasing number of creditworthy applicants and drive financial inclusion"