What we do

Confirmu is a data analytics startup whose mission is to enable lenders score people with no financial history through alternative credit scoreing.

Our Credit Score as a Service for lenders is given in a form of a Mobile SDK as a white label solution.

 Currently, many people in developing countries get their salary paid in cash, after which they convert it to a prepaid card. They then use their digital wallet to carry out transactions which also creates a "financial footprint" of data points. This enables lenders to improve their credit scoring for these loan applicants.

Our scoring analysis is a hybridized model that captures an unbanked person's payment history through two channels:

(1) Payments history through digital apps.

(2) Conversational  UI -  Text replies in a form of a mobile Chatbot that gives the lender an indication of applicants " willingness to repay a back loan. 

(3) Potential Employement opportunities- through social media.

Our product is built on a payment gateway platform that features seamless integration to e-wallets thus enabling a smooth and transparent analysis with a more accurate final score.

Banking the Unbanked

Our advanced mobile SDK enables lenders to benefit from advanced Machine Learning algorithms which can save them money and more accurately assess the credit scores of potential customers.


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